TIBA Communications

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September 2018 - Issue 1

Other Information

2nd TIBA AGM Report

Report from AGM in Accra, Ghana, September 2019

August 2018 - TIBA brochure

A brief information on TIBA's aims and objectives, Work Packages and the Team of Investigators who are contributing to the success of the programme.

25 October 2017: TIBA launch brochure

TIBA was officially launched at the University of Edinburgh by the Senior Vice Principal, Professor Charlie Jeffery, on 25 October 2017. The brochure gives some insight into what happened on the day.

April 2017: TIBA opening presentation

A copy of a presentation introducing TIBA to the University of Edinburgh in April 2017

Communication Strategy

InfoGraphic showing TIBA communication strategy on National, Continental, Community, and Global levels.
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