Capacity Building

TIBA’s Capacity Building (which forms part of Work Package 4 - will run throughout the programme's lifetime. This is developed through technology transfer, study visits and workshops, together with masters, doctoral and postdoctoral training. Individual projects will complement our Tool Kit projects. TIBA’s training and capacity building plans are aligned and integrated with ongoing initiatives by African partners such as the WHO-TDR and DELTAS Africa (Developing Excellence in Leadership Training and Science, funded by AESA and Wellcome to 2020) and hosted by 4 partners (Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe). Capacity Building will include, but not limited to:

TIBA will adhere to the 'Seven Principles for Strengthening Research Capacity in LMICs'.

TIBA offers a range of different training approaches. For short courses, we find that interactive, in- person workshops continue to be a popular and effective model. We consider it very important that all of TIBA’s training is carried out in Africa – this, of itself, helps build capacity to deliver training. We have so far organised seven training workshops in five African partner countries. These have directly benefitted 180 researchers and policy makers from 20 African countries.