WP3: Toolkit Projects

Toolkit projects are a unifying framework for extracting lessons learned from all TIBA activities for collation and dissemination, covering:

1) Strengthening health systems. TIBA will emphasize a systematic, evidence-based approachdesigned to bring about significant improvements in:

i) health delivery systems in African countries;

ii) patient and population health uptake and outcomes, particularly among the poor;

iii) efficiency and effectiveness of systems and processes of care. We will develop context-specific strategies for health
communication and changing end-user behaviour.

2) Innovation-to-application value chains. We will use the WHO’s 6 health systems building blocks (leadership, financing, workforce,technologies, information and delivery) 

as an analytical lens to better understand how a responsive, context-specific innovation-to-application pipeline can be constructed.

3) Information exchange and data sharing. Unprecedented efforts are underway in Africa to electronically capture and exchange health information to improve health care and population health,
and reduce costs. TIBA will work on both technical and governance issues around eHealth.

4) Best practice for capacity building and training. TIBA will share experiences and formally review capacity building initiatives within the partnership.

Our Toolkit projects will run in the 3rd and 4th year of the TIBA programme and will benefit from from data generated from our 'Making a Difference' projects.

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