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Dengue Roadmap Report

Tiba played a role in crafting The Dengue Roadmap Report, which centers on three key areas for combating Dengue: Urbanization, Innovation, and Advocacy. Professor Mutapi, serving as Co-Director of Tiba, participated in COP28, where she made a valuable contribution to the report. You can find her quote on page 18 of the attached report:


Affected Voices Meeting Tanzania

Affected Voices Meeting Tanzania group photo

The Affected Voices Meeting in Tanzania has built on the success of the first Affected Voices Meeting in Zimbabwe. These gatherings serve a vital purpose: to offer a platform for individuals affected by Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), with a particular focus on those grappling with snakebite envenoming, schistosomiasis/bilharzia, and lymphatic filariasis/elephantiasis.


Film launched on Bilharzia, WASH and the impact on women and children

A new film launching today, produced in collaboration between Professor Agnieszka Piotrowska and Professor Francisca Mutapi, acts as both an awareness-raising and advocacy tool, amplifying the stories of people affected and calling for tailored interventions.

View the film on the Uniting to Combat NTDs website -