Affiliate Fellows

Derick Osakunor

Dr Derick Osakunor has a background in medical diagnostics, global health, infection, and immunity with particular interest in schistosome morbidity and immuno-epidemiology. His research has contributed significantly to our understanding of schistosomiasis and contributed to recommendations for national schistosomiasis control programs as well as WHO guidelines for verification of schistosomiasis control. His pioneering work on paediatric schistosomiasis has addressed critical evidence gaps, providing insights into incidence, pathology, treatment responses and potential mechanistic links to poor health in children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Dr Osakunor is currently exploring the factors shaping schistosome epidemiological patterns and disease, and to quantify the burden and impact of disease on overall health and quality of life. The project also aims to provide strong, locally-informed, behaviourally-consistent guidelines for the design and feasibility of complex schistosomiasis interventions to reduce transmission.

Luicer Olubayo