TIBA will run for 46 months from 1st June 2017 to 31st March 2021. We had a budget of £6,886,852 from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) through the Official Development Assistance (ODA) (16/136/33). More than 80% of our budget is being allocated to TIBA partner institutes in nine African countries. The TIBA programme ensures value for money (VfM) through its robust approach to project selection, management and reporting. Assessments of all TIBA project applications require details of how applicants will ensure VfM and the assumptions underpinning this. All funded projects are subject to independent review by our Steering Committee and M&E providers, LTS International, scoring VfM with respect to evidence of attainment against the 4E’s (economy, efficiency, effectiveness and equity).

Our activities are ODA compliant in that: (1) TIBA's work promotes the welfare and economic development of the countries where our research is undertaken; (2) TIBA's work is designed to address a development need; (3) TIBA's work focuses on developing country problems.

Since the start of the  TIBA project, we have secured in excess of £2.5M additional funding in support for activities directly relevant to the overall objectives of the partnership. These include i. Training/workshops/capacity building; ii. Research; iii. Community engagement; iv. Postdoctoral fellowships; and v. Travels.