WP6: Emergency Response

Years 1-4:

This work package is designed to enhance local capacity to respond to health emergencies in all 9 African partner countries by supporting the development of field diagnostics, data sharing, and performing real-time genomic analyses. Several TIBA partners (Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Edinburgh) are taking an eHealth approach to improving outbreak surveillance by optimising technologies (e.g. smart phones), surveillance system design and data communication capabilities. Several partners are involved in developing portable diagnostic kits for viral, bacterial or parasite infections employing biomarkers, electrochemical and bio-sensors, or sequencing technologies. Edinburgh has played a leading role in data sharing activities relating to Ebola and avian influenza epidemics, including building global partnerships and setting up generic data sharing platforms and will deploy this expertise in future outbreaks. TIBA also has a substantial bioinformatics capacity (Edinburgh Genomics, Kwazulu-Natal) and phyloanalytics capability, allowing us to generate policy-relevant outputs in real time.