WP2: Making a Difference Projects

MaD projects consist of five projects building on TIBA’s Work Package 1 (Rapid Impact projects - which are currently underway).

MaD projects will commence at the end of August 2018 for a period of 2 years. These projects must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate relevance to national health needs;
  2. Clear pathway to impact, i.e. policy change, uptake by end users;
  3. Propose indicators for measuring impact on poorest people;
  4. Involve 2 or more Africa partner countries;
  5. Fit with TIBA aims and objectives;
  6. Provide opportunities to progress the Work Package 3 Toolkit agenda;
  7. Incorporate TIBA M&E reporting requirements;
  8. They must be completed by August 2020;
  9. They will have a total budget of up to £500K.

Calls have been made and four of these projects have been proposed by our partners which have subsequently been reviewed by our Steering Committee. There will be a formal press release once all the projects have been approved by the Directorate.