Funding Calls

TIBA Rapid Impact (RI) projects and Postgraduate proposals were initially evaluated by the Steering Committee in July and September 2017 respectively. Calls for application for funding for the Rapid Impact projects were subsequently made in August 2017. Each partner country proposed a research of national interest that could be executed within a 12 month duration. The TIBA Steering Committee reviewed each application followed by approval by the Directorate in October 2017. These projects were officially announced during the TIBA launch on 25 October 2017 in Edinburgh.

Postgraduate studentship calls followed the same procedure as the RI projects. Calls were made in October 2017. Proposals from TIBA partner countries were reviewed by the Steering Committee and approved by the Directorate in December 2017. Whiles some of these studentships have commenced, it is expected that all would have started by February 2018.

There would be further calls for 9 one year ‘Out of Africa’ fellowships, and the Making a Difference projects. These would be announced in due course.