What is TIBA?

Tackling Infections to Benefit Africa (TIBA) is an Africa-led, wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary research programme that explores and draws lessons from the ways that diff erent African health systems tackle infectious diseases. TIBA will help empower African scientists to eff ectively and sustainably tackle neglected tropical diseases (such as schistosomiasis, malaria, trypanosomiasis and lymphatic fi lariasis), and improve preparedness for epidemics (such as Ebola). Tiba means “to cure an infection” in Swahili.

Our aims:

  1. Improve the diagnosis and surveillance of infectious diseases in resource-poor settings
  2. Improve the deployment of existing drug treatments and enhance local capacity to develop new ones
  3. Improve the deployment of existing vaccines and enhance local capacity to develop new ones
  4. Improve the management of endemic and epidemic infectious diseases by:
    1. Strengthening health systems, governance and ethics
    2. Improving policy development and implementation
    3. Enhancing capacity to respond to infectious disease emergencies

Our science:

Disciplines - infection biology, clinical medicine, primary health care, health systems, international development, governance and ethics, diagnostics, surveillance and epidemiology, molecular biology and drug development, immunology and vaccinology, genomics and bioinformatics, synthetic biology, innovation

Diseases - schistosomiasis, malaria, trypanosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, co-morbidities, NCDs + emerging infectious diseases